26 April 2007

bush vs. bush

A pinch of Bush arguing with himself.

21 April 2007

beaver meets johnson

Who says city planners don't have a sense of humor? I'm not about to complain about beaver on top either.

I saw this, stopped the car, turned around, parked and walked half a block to take a few pictures of this from the middle of the street (thankfully beaver wasn't very busy today).

18 April 2007

Open letter to the lubery

I tried to get my car's oil changed with a local company that runs both a "lubery" operation and several car washes. It didn't work out so well. This is one of the kinder letters I've written but I've needed to post something and decided this should be it. Please forgive the bits of soft cuddly love.

Dear Lubery Administration:

I was excited to find a local company that could offer a quick oil change and even offered my oil of preference. Sadly, I've returned home without service and will be taking my business elsewhere, tomorrow.

I write you this note because I've run a privately owned store for many years and found it is often from customer feedback that a manager can see the biggest gaps in one's service.

That said, I drove into the establishment on Follock St. and followed the generous white arrows you'd affixed to the asphalt to the backside of the building. Not seeing any clear instruction of what to do next I parked my car and walked into the lobby hoping to arrange the deed. No one there.

Thinking maybe I'd missed something I walked back outside and saw a small stop sign on the bay doors that says simply, "wait here for attendant." I heeded your gentile instruction. I pulled my car up to one of the bay doors setting off the oil parish bells. A shop fellow beyond the glass bay doors looked up from talking to someone (a customer perhaps, I'm not sure) and continued his conversation. I waited for, oh, ten minutes and finally had to give up. A "be with you in a minute" hand gesture or similar from anyone would have been plenty. I'd have happily waited my turn for service. Perhaps I showed up during a gap in personnel? We'll never know.

Look, I'm not trying to bust anyones chops. Also, I'm not mad and not about to complain to 20 of my friends [maybe a touch more than that]. I just want to let you know that you're missing a grand opportunity. One that (with your
physically clean image) could carry your lube business leaps and bounds above your "jiffy-pep" competition down the street. I encourage you look at fakeoilservice.com [no need to advertise for free]. I moved from a state that had these shops and used their service a number of times. The customer is given a newspaper to read while waiting in-car, cameras/displays are mounted so the customer can see the crew working under the hood and below the car, and the same greeter that gives Joe Customer the paper and asks for services needed also checks tire pressure; making any necessary adjustments. Their shop is always clean, the employees courteous, service incredibly efficient and these places stay packed!

I tell you all of this because no one in the [censored, because censorship is fun] area comes close to this level of service and I'd love to see a local company pick up the ball before another franchise spreads to the area. Or, perhaps the spraying water and wax is more lucrative to the company and should remain your focus.

Forever your squeaky wheel,

With this letter I actually mean to say: "pull your head out of your fucking ass and change my fucking oil so I can pay you instead of driving 15 miles to a different service station avoiding your lethargic bone-headed staff! Please."