30 October 2007


She thought that one day she'd make something of herself. Little did she realize she was already a well spun mass of tissue, liquids and minerals. Little did she realize her family had always thought she was something. But was she the right something? That is the question.

10 October 2007

Quandary, abridged

So yesterday I was excited to hear from my publisher that my novel, Quandary, would be published. As it turns out the selected editor is a real prick and has decimated nearly 75% of my text. Not one to just let such a travesty fly I've demanded the novel be published with the proper title suffix: "abridged."

All that muck aside, being the gent that I am, I happily publish it for you here, dear readers, at no cost whatsoever. Grab a drink, your oral fixation of choice and sit back for a nice cozy read:

Alfred is a real asshole.

09 October 2007

Quandary - My newest novel released!

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I've just written a novel and am pleased to publish the ebook version for you here in all its glory. I'll shut my yapper and let it speak for itself:

Phil waited patiently for Alfred nearly every day. This is not the day Phil would choose to continue without him.

See what people are saying about my novel!

- New York Herald Tribune raves, "A triumph in eloquent brevity!"
- LA Times relates, "We were too busy covering the riots in South L.A."
- The Denver Post shouts, "More! We want more!! This doesn't qualify as a novel."
- The New Yorker cannot be reached for comment at this time.
- Readers Digest blurts, "Thank you for your submission to Laughter is the Best Medicine!"
- The Oregonian trumpets this novel, "A refreshing read for my tired watery eyes!"
- Springfield, MO's Senior Living Newspaper wheezes, "Brilliant! Now where do I get my free pancakes?"

04 October 2007

lascivious cooking!

After sitting vacant for some time the other blog the missus and I run called lascivious cooking -- we love to spend time in the kitchen -- has been updated with some new decadent posts. Check it out if you get a spare moment! More will be posted very soon.