09 February 2007

A night on the town: kittens in peril

Though her kitten was yummy...
Originally uploaded by vrai the dotty prof..

Har! We went out to dinner and this particular establishment actually thought it was safe to leave us with crayons and a large sheet of paper while they took forever to prepare our food. Little did they know.

Waxy mayhem ensues.

This young lady ate her kitten, Waldo perished in a tar pit (actually titled lint trap in the drawing) and a wagon broke down on the Oregon Trail (no one survived).

The manager of the restaurant personally boxed up our leftovers for us — I think in an effort to clear our table and empty the packed lobby. Or maybe ... it was the drawings.


Alicia said...

Macaroni Grill?

Yeah, we had fun there too.

vrai said...

Ah, yes indeed! It was the Macaroni Grill. We've been to a couple other restaurants with similar decor over the past couple of months. If only we'd had the camera handy for the unfortunate drop of stick figure man over the face of a cliff. He landed on a large cactus.