23 July 2007

Sweeeet Beaver

I just noticed that some poor soul found my blog yesterday with a google search for horror beaver.

Looking back through my sitelog a bit further I see others have also landed in my neighborhood in search of this horror beaver. In fact, unbeknownst to me, until now, I have become the #2 link on google for horror beaver. That's not good enough! It's time to take the top position folks. So please, if you must discuss a horror beaver, I ask that you link people my way. I'm not trying to whore my blog necessarily, I just want to take top marks for the two lovely words. Simple desire, no?

Ah yes, back to the point of this whole post. Of course I wanted to know what this "horror beaver" is so I did a bit of searching myself. Well, I found it. The horror beaver doesn't actually look like a horror beaver at all to me, nor does it look like a horrific beaver. It's more of a horror marmot I'd say, or maybe a horror prairie dog.

Not one to disappoint, I give those needing their daily fix of horror marmot the interminable horror they seek (just look at the beady eyed little fecker — I hate 'em already):


JanieBelle said...

Now there's something to chew on. I'll see what I can do.


JanieBelle said...

You are now #1, by the way, for horror beaver.

Just so y'know


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