09 October 2007

Quandary - My newest novel released!

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I've just written a novel and am pleased to publish the ebook version for you here in all its glory. I'll shut my yapper and let it speak for itself:

Phil waited patiently for Alfred nearly every day. This is not the day Phil would choose to continue without him.

See what people are saying about my novel!

- New York Herald Tribune raves, "A triumph in eloquent brevity!"
- LA Times relates, "We were too busy covering the riots in South L.A."
- The Denver Post shouts, "More! We want more!! This doesn't qualify as a novel."
- The New Yorker cannot be reached for comment at this time.
- Readers Digest blurts, "Thank you for your submission to Laughter is the Best Medicine!"
- The Oregonian trumpets this novel, "A refreshing read for my tired watery eyes!"
- Springfield, MO's Senior Living Newspaper wheezes, "Brilliant! Now where do I get my free pancakes?"


JanieBelle said...

Most importantly:

Will there be a sequel? I'm dying for more!


vrai said...

Definitely! There will be a sequel.

In the mean time if you're dying for more to read I have a sneak peak at some household drama that will soon hit the ol' blog.

It's hiding over here

JanieBelle said...


Too rich...